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Our simple, 10-minute survey segments your clients, reveals their biases, and clues you in on how best to deal with them.


How We Put Behavioral Finance Into Action

Behavioral Risk Survey

Our Behavioral Risk Survey was carefully crafted by our behavioral finance experts to reveal investors’ willingness to take risk and other preferences that help you understand their risk tolerance.

360˚ View of Your Client

We use psychometrics, behavioral biases, risk preferences, and persona segmentation to give you a highly personalized, comprehensive view of each contact at a glance.

Persona-Based Messaging

Our persona-based communication tips help you deliver the information your clients expect in the most effective way to help them make their best decisions and improve their investment outcomes.

Know How Your Clients Think

FINRA requirements, fiduciary standards, DOL legislation, and industry best practices all emphasize the importance of truly knowing each and every client to serve their best interests. So, it stands to reason that your credibility as an advisor hangs on how well you know your clients. To truly improve outcomes and consistently deliver value, you must go beyond what your clients say, and strengthen your understanding of how they make decisions—what they actually do.

Segment Your Clients By Persona

Persona segmentation has long been used in marketing to represent “ideal customers” for wildly successful behaviorally-targeted campaigns. Finworx investor personas represent your clients and contacts by their unique risk preferences and behavioral biases. Our personas give you a quick view of each contact’s investment style at a glance and offer communication tips to serve each investor type most effectively—an incredibly efficient way to personalize your communication at scale.

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