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Putting Behavioral Finance Into Action



Finworx is a simple solution that uses behavioral finance and persona segmentation to give you a deeper understanding of clients and prospects and further personalize your services.

Gain Insight Into Your Clients' Behavior

Surfacing your clients’ behavioral biases and motivators, risk preferences, and investment styles helps you remain compliant and anticipate their needs in advance.

Truly Know Your Clients

The best way to make the most out of your client relationships is to know what they need and be the one to meet that need. Finworx helps you understand each client’s decision-making process based on their behavioral biases and attitude toward risk. Then, we help you guide them toward their best investment decisions.

Personalize Engagement

38% of clients believe quality investment information is the key to an advisor’s credibility. . .*

. . . but behavioral factors influence how each client perceives the quality of news and information. That’s why it’s important to 1) understand how individual clients respond to information and 2) personalize your delivery accordingly. Our approach is designed to help prove your credibility and turn your clients into raving fans.

Grow Your Book

An enthusiastic referral  from a satisfied client is the most effective form of marketing. Since your clients already expect to hear from you, our persona-based tips help you exceed their expectations through highly personalized communication.

Your clients aren’t all the same. Your messaging shouldn’t be either.

Behavioral Risk Profile

Our survey has been carefully crafted by our behavioral finance experts to reveal investors’ willingness to take risk and other preferences that help you understand their risk tolerance.

360° View of Your Client

We use psychometrics and behavioral biases to give you a highly personalized, comprehensive view of each contact at a glance.

Persona-Based Messaging

Our persona-based communication tips help you deliver the information your clients expect in the most effective ways to improve outcomes.

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