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About Us

First & Foremost: We Believe in the Advisor

In an industry going “robo,” we believe there is undeniable value in the human advisor. In fact, we believe a real person who truly knows the investor establishes a relationship of trust that is essential to the financial journey. Real advisors know that investors are more than just a number in an algorithm and care about what motivates them and what keeps them up at night.

Investors need someone to talk to before making major financial decisions, someone who can understand and explain how those decisions will impact them. We know this because, without the help from an advisor, investors have been known to make notoriously bad decisions.

The average investor has historically underperformed the stock market by 6.7% per year. (Dalbar)

A 2016 study by Vanguard shows that working with a human advisor can potentially improve returns by 3% per year, with 50% of the increase attributed to behavioral coaching. (Vanguard)

Technology cannot replace the human advisor.

Technology cannot replace the human advisor, because technology is a tool, not a substitute. It can be used to create efficiency in planning and to help advisors get to know their clients better. Our approach is to help advisors identify risk tolerance, behavioral biases, and decision-making patterns in order to most effectively communicate the right message to the right client and assist them in achieving better outcomes.



To be used, software must be sickeningly simple—adapted to the way advisors use technology.


Technology is about usability, not capability. Thus, we are in the business of solving problems, not creating features.


One size does not fit all, and “content” is commodity. We believe people read articles, posts, comments, and white papers that are personalized and relevant to them. They don’t just consume a buffet of content.


Built to integrate, we do not have to develop our own technology for every proposed feature. Our approach is to integrate with the best technologies.


At Finworx, we work diligently to deliver on the following promises:

  • Your experience will be sickeningly simple.
  • Call us, we’ll answer. Email us, we’ll respond.
  • We will probably make mistakes, but we’ll fix them.
  • We won’t ”sell” you something you don’t need.
  • We will maintain integrity between the client experience and our core values.

Core Values

We get there together.

Our success or failure depends on our employees. Despite ups and downs, we win together.

Wrestle the bear to the ground.

We deliver excellence by never stopping short, always actively responding to our customers’ needs, and never letting up until the job is done.

Bend don’t break.

Not to say there aren’t a few broken eggs in the kitchen. We’re young, hungry, and agile. Change happens, we adapt without lamenting “what ifs” and bygones. Instead, creative, out-of-the-box thinking is encouraged and rewarded.

Fun, no games.

Play is an important part of our culture, but political games, entitlement, and division of the team isn’t us. We respect diversity in thought, debate, and dialogue.

Ask why.

We don’t settle for the status quo. We approach things differently and ask questions that lead to innovation and improvement.

Do the right thing.

In spite of the noise and mediocrity of the world, we hold ourselves accountable to always do the right thing.

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