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Our Philosophies

Communication Philosophy

At Finworx, everything we do is tied to communication and how it can affect human behavior. As we say, “The right message sent to the right person at the right time can change the world,” and we apply this to finance in many ways.

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Credible Information Philosophy

And at Finworx, we maintain that information (aka “communication,” “messaging,” “research,” or “content”) should always be as factual and credible as it is interesting—especially when it comes from a financial advisor.

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Prospecting Philosophy

The relationships you already have with clients are the most important connections you can focus on for growth. The key is trust. Here is what we mean…

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Risk Tolerance Philosophy

We believe it is in the best interest of all advisors and investors to follow defined standards in assessing risk tolerance. That’s why our Behavioral Risk Survey adheres to the following best practices outlined by the UK’s Financial Services Authority. . .

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