60% of wealthy individuals rate integrity as the most essential attribute for a successful advisor and 53% rate clear communication as most essential—51% prioritize financial acumen.¹

In a large study of advisor clients, 38% said that quality investment and market information was the sign of a credible firm.² And at Finworx, we maintain that information (aka “communication,” “messaging,” “research,” or “content”) should always be as factual and credible as it is interesting—especially when it comes from a financial advisor. Here are some specific reasons for sharing credible information with your clients and contacts:

  • To educate them on relevant topics and help them make better financial decisions.
  • To stay top-of-mind, so they don’t go looking for financial information (or service) elsewhere.
  • To nurture their trust in you and increase your thought leadership in all areas of finance.
  • To turn them into raving fans who can’t wait to tell the world about you. (Referrals!)

While there is substantial value in framing your messaging differently (or varying the presentation and delivery) to improve each recipient’s understanding, we know the legitimacy of the information must never be sacrificed in the process. That’s why the Finworx library consists only of material that has been researched and written by experts in investment, behavioral finance, and economics.

Information is Only as Good as the Source

Led by a CFA-charterholder, our team of research analysts has a solid background in investment management, an avid interest in the market, and a fundamental belief in behavioral economics. Whether it’s an infographic, a Finance 101 article, or a market update, our research analysts work with our communication experts and graphic designers to strategically structure and polish each piece of information in our library.

The Unparalleled Finworx Library

Good research takes time, and quality content is rare. Therefore, high-quality, educational investment information backed by credible research is pretty much a unicorn in the world of content. Carefully customizing the same superior “unicorn” content to certain investor types and biases generates a mythical creature not yet classified. But such a creature does exist, and we know where it lives: the Finworx library. Here are the types and topics of pieces you can find in our library:


Evergreen Financial Fitness

  • Finance 101 Posts
  • Quick Savings Tips
  • Life Event Articles

Timely Capital Market Updates

  • Weekly Market Updates
  • Monthly Market Updates
  • Quarterly Market Updates
  • Annual Market Updates

Current Event Pieces

  • 2 Current Events Per Week


Educational Themes

  • Retirement
  • College Savings
  • Debt Management
  • Estate Planning
  • Wealth Creation
  • Investments
  • Tax Planning Health
  • Philanthropy
  • Insurance

Our collection is constantly growing with credible, relevant, and persona-based pieces of information to share with your clients. Each piece is designed with the goal of effectively educating your clients, keeping you top-of-mind, solidifying trust in your relationships, increasing your thought leadership, and turning your clients into raving, referral-making fans. That way, you can focus on what’s important while growing your business.


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2. Factset.com, Smart Wealth Management EBook

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