Your current clients are your best clients.


The relationships you already have with clients are the most important connections you can focus on for growth. The key is trust. Here is what we mean…

1.   Increase Your Share of Wallet

56% of investors report managing 75-100% of their investable assets themselves. ¹

Nurturing and engaging your clients through personalized communication and offering them the right solutions at the right time strengthens your relationship and shows them they can trust you with more assets.

2.   Lock Down Generational Wealth Transfer

PwC predicts that by 2020, gen X and millennials will control more than half of all investable assets, or about $30 trillion.²

2% of children keep their inheritances with their parents’ financial advisor. With the death of their husbands, only 45% of wives keep their assets with the same financial advisors. ³

You most likely have clients with children or families who will eventually inherit their wealth. The strength of your relationship with existing clients, your efforts to improve their outcomes, and the role you play in their family’s financial education will all have significant impact on whether the next generation sticks with you as their advisor.

3.   Earn Meaningful Referrals

93% of clients say they are likely to continue working with their advisor, but only 29% referred someone to their advisor in the past year. 4

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: referrals are the best way to grow your client base. Your position as an advisor depends heavily on trust and credibility, and there is nothing more effective in the search for a trusted service provider than a recommendation from a trusted personal connection.

Each of these substantial growth opportunities have inspired us to produce a wide range of financial information—all of which is credible, persona-based, and expertly-written for you to share with your clients regularly through our scheduled, automated emails. Based on clients’ risk preferences, behavioral biases, and communication styles , investor personas guide how we frame the messaging in our library and help us give you tips on how to most effectively communicate with each client, whether via digital channel or face-to-face meeting. Since we know it can feel strange to ask clients for referrals, we also provide carefully crafted referral and introduction requests and suggestions.


Prospecting new clients.


We believe that education and thought leadership are the best ways to establish your credibility and value among prospects, so we offer prospecting material you can share with your leads to help nurture them into clients. Whether you’re reaching out to prospects who have no financial advisor or individuals you think might need a new advisor, our compelling messaging on the importance of a credible, trusted advisor is designed to prove your value to potential clients.


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