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Our Team

Finworx is fueled by a highly skilled team of experts in behavioral finance and economics, investment management, communications, digital marketing, software development, machine learning, and more. From our President, a CFA charterholder who oversees our in-house research analysts, to our design duo working tirelessly to keep us pleasantly presentable for clients, our team is truly a one-of-a-kind resource for advisors.


Here are a few of the faces at Finworx:

Mike West

Chairman & CEO

Jeremy Floyd

Co-Founder & Chief Behavioral Engagement Officer

Miranda Carr, CFA

Senior VP of Financial Solutions

Victor Gaxiola

VP of Behavioral Marketing

Patrick Hunt

Chief Product Officer

Wade Chandler

Director of Software Development & Lead Developer

Zack Kimble

Senior Data Scientist

Mahendra Duwal

Machine Learning Developer

Andrew Bolce

Quality Assurance Engineer

Bo Martin

Senior Software Developer

Greg Corujo

Software Developer

Caroline Lee

Software Developer

Jamie Phillips

Software Developer

Thomas West

Sales Executive

Maggie Kornahrens

Director of Marketing

Katie Bibee

Managing Editor

Katie Jones

Graphic Designer

Ginger Wallace

Production Designer