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The Finworx Product

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How does it work?

Finworx improves your understanding, engagement, and relationship with the client in three steps: 

1. Collect Information

Our Behavioral Risk Survey takes just 10 minutes to gather vital details on the client’s risk preferences and behavioral biases.

2. Surface Insights

Once the client completes the survey, we show them their risk score and provide the advisor with a detailed analysis of the survey results, revealing the client’s investor persona.


3. Deliver Best-Next Action

Based on what we know about the end client, our system provides the advisor with communication tips to guide the client toward their best outcomes.


For Advisors

We apply proprietary investor personas and strong philosophies on communication, prospecting, credible information, and risk tolerance to offer the ultimate feature set to advisors.

Behavioral Risk Profile

For countless reasons, it is imperative that advisors get to know their clients’ risk preferences and investment styles. Our Behavioral Risk Survey has been carefully crafted by our behavioral finance experts to generate a deep understanding of each investor’s willingness to take risk, behavioral biases, and other financial preferences. Results from the survey help determine each investor’s persona to make communication more effective.


360° View of Your Client

Our advisor-facing reports and investor personas give you a better understanding of each client’s risk tolerance, behavioral biases, and decision-making factors. The result is a highly personalized, comprehensive view of each contact at a glance.


Persona-Based Messaging

We offer tips for presenting information in a unique way based on each persona’s communication style, risk preferences, and potential biases. This gives you the best chance of educating and guiding your unique clients.

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