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How does it work?

Our core technology uses machine learning to improve understanding, engagement, and outcomes in three steps:

1. Collect Information

Our technology is designed to gather information from disparate data sets, digital activity, and financial behavior.

2. Surface Insights

Using machine learning, our system analyzes the data and surfaces interesting details, such as communication preferences, behavioral trends, and engagement optimization.

3. Deliver Best-Next Action

Based on what we know about the end clients, our system puts insights into action through email communications, reminders, and social media suggestions.


For Advisors

In addition to the core machine learning technology, we apply proprietary investor personas and strong philosophies on communication, prospecting, credible information, and risk tolerance to offer the ultimate feature set to advisors.

Risk Profile

For countless reasons, it is imperative that advisors get to know their clients’ risk preferences and investment styles. Our Behavioral Risk Survey has been carefully crafted by our behavioral finance experts to generate a deep understanding of each investor’s willingness to take risk, behavioral biases, and other financial preferences. Results from the survey help determine each investor’s persona to make communication more effective.

360° View of Your Client

We use machine learning, communication patterns, and various data sources (including insights from our Behavioral Risk Survey and your personal input) to give you a highly personalized, comprehensive view of each contact at a glance. You can pull up a contact’s profile to anticipate possible behavioral biases, identify the most effective ways to communicate with that individual, view past interactions, add your own notes, and more.

Persona-Based Messaging

Our vast library of educational content covers a range of information your clients expect—financial planning topics (such as retirement, college savings, and estate planning), current event pieces, and timely market updates. Our messaging is persona based, presenting the information in a unique way for each persona’s communication style, risk preferences, and potential biases. The library is constantly growing with timely and relevant current event pieces, as well as weekly, monthly, and quarterly market updates.

Engagement Analytics

We’ll keep you updated on what is and is not working. See which of your contacts are opening your emails, what persona types are the most engaged, which topics and messages are most popular, and even what time your emails are likely to be opened. Beyond measuring email performance, analyzing your communication results can help you identify client needs and new business opportunities.

Set It & Forget It Email Automation

Automate email “journeys” to maintain ongoing contact with clients, plan and schedule email distribution to specific recipient lists, send one-off messages, select prewritten templates and messages to edit and/or send, and more. We provide top-quality material and easily optimized sending, so all you have to do with your email is set it and forget it.

Success Coach

We believe software should be sickeningly simple to use. To ensure your experience with Finworx is easy and enjoyable, we will connect you with your very own highly skilled Success Coach. The Success Coach and support team are well-versed in digital communication and technology and here around the clock to help you in all aspects of onboarding and client engagement.

We also host regular webinars for our clients to help them apply behavioral finance to their practice and learn best practices in marketing their firm.


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