Meet Finworx

  • Persona-Based Communication for Financial Advisors

    Finworx is a turnkey software solution that combines machine learning, behavioral analysis, and automated digital marketing to tailor on-the-fly personalized communications between advisors and their clients and contacts.


Our comprehensive technology solution helps you:

  • Understand Clients

    Get to know your clients with personality typing and behavioral insights.

  • Save Time

    Save time on writing and sending content with automated, persona-based messaging.

  • Stay Relevant

    Use regular, relevant touch points to build relationships and become your clients’ first phone call.

  • Your clients aren't all the same.

    Our proprietary investor personas, based on principles of personality typing and behavioral finance, are an excellent starting point for client insights and communication.

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Your messaging shouldn't always be the same either.

Our persona-geared content library provides the dynamic, targeted communication you need to keep clients engaged.

  • Persona-Based Communications

  • Market & Economic Updates

  • Financial Planning Topics

  • Email Templates

  • Finance 101 & Quick Tips to Meet Financial Goals

  • Images & Graphics

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  • Our system makes communication easy.

    Track each client’s financial journey, personal interests, and preferred communication style, and then share relevant content from our library with your selected audience.

  • Set it, then forget it.

    With built-in financial content, our automated system handles everything for you. Simply choose your audience, turn on a journey, and carry on with your business.

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Who really opens your emails?

Finworx provides you with the insights you need for better communication, including who opens your emails, which topics are resonating with your audience, and when is the best time to talk to clients about key financial decisions.

  • We've got your back.

    Technology isn’t useful unless you know how to use it. That’s where your Success Coach and support team come in. We provide onboarding assistance, software support, marketing insight, and branding education to boost your relevance.

    Meet the Team >

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