Why Finworx?


We help you truly know your clients, offer consistent, personalized engagement, and grow your client base.

Truly Know Your Clients

FINRA Rule 2090.

Know Your Customer: Every member shall use reasonable diligence, in regard to the opening and maintenance of every account, to know (and retain) the essential facts concerning every customer and concerning the authority of each person acting on behalf of such customer.

FINRA requirements, fiduciary standards, DOL legislation, and industry best practices all emphasize the importance of truly knowing each and every client to serve their best interests. So, it stands to reason that your credibility as an advisor hangs on how well you know your clients.

For further motivation, we believe truly knowing your clients is the best way to:

  • Provide a great, personalized client experience
  • Assist clients in making decisions they will ultimately be happy with
  • Guide clients toward better financial understanding and behavior
  • Earn referrals by turning clients into raving fans

Finworx helps by:

Surfacing & Applying Risk Information

The Finworx proprietary 10-minute Behavioral Risk Survey (aka “risk survey” or “investor survey”) was carefully designed by our behavioral finance experts to generate a deep understanding of each investor’s willingness to take risk, behavioral biases, and other details that determine their investor persona.

Providing Up-To-Date Client Details

We give you a highly personalized, comprehensive view of each contact at a glance based on details from the survey combined with adjustments to their journey from machine learning based on their communication patterns. Contact profiles show your past interactions and help you anticipate possible behavioral biases and information preferences.

Analyzing Engagement

Insight on which contacts open which emails, when, and what topics they prefer helps you keep track of changes in client needs, interests, and preferences. Finworx shows you how your communication efforts are paying off, and where they can be adjusted for further success.

Offer Consistent, Personalized Engagement

Your clients expect to hear from you. FactSet research shows that 38% of clients believe that quality investment information is the key to an advisor’s credibility.

When clients are appropriately engaged, the advisor is the first person that comes to mind when they think finance. They should feel the urge to consult with you before all major life decisions, and they should think of you every time they reach for their wallet.

That’s why picking up the phone when clients call is simply not enough to maintain the invaluable advisor-client connection. You must keep them informed and interested while showing them you recognize and care about their unique needs and preferences.

Finworx helps by:

Communicating Regularly & Automatically

With our set it and forget it email automation, you can set up email “journeys” to maintain ongoing contact with clients, plan and schedule email distribution to recipient lists, send one-off messages, use prewritten templates, and other effortless ways of engaging your clients.

Creating Quality Financial Material

Our ever-growing library includes a range of information your clients expect—financial planning topics, current event pieces, and timely market updates. Each piece was carefully created by our team of behavioral finance experts and investment research analysts to ensure quality and accuracy.

Tailoring Messaging to Investor Personas

Ever heard of the term “mass personalization?” Well, Finworx uses personas to make sure each automated message and piece of content we send to your clients and contacts is geared to their unique communication preferences, financial interests, risk information, and decision drivers.

Grow Your Client Base

The UBS/PwC Billionaires Report 2016 predicts the transfer of $2.1 trillion over the next two decades.

Generational wealth transfer opportunities are just one of many reasons we believe your current clients are your best clients. Tending to your current relationships can help you increase your share of wallet among existing clients and earn raving personal referrals for new prospects.

Finworx helps by:

Presenting New Ways to Request Referrals

We know asking clients for referrals and introductions can be awkward, so we provide thoughtful suggestions and outlines for approaching your clients about recommendations.

Providing Prospecting Messaging

Once you have new leads, they need to be nurtured. Our library features strategic and educational financial material to help guide your prospects down the funnel.

Creating Raving Fans

Finworx helps you understand clients’ risk preferences, provide relevant information, maintain regular communication, and tailor all client touchpoints to their unique behavioral biases and motivators. As a result, Finworx strengthens your relationships and improves your clients’ outcomes through individual guidance and education to turn each of them into raving fans.

Want to learn more? See how Finworx can simplify your business.

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